The Gruber Videos and the Future of Journalism

Very few people (outside of those who wish them ill) have commented on the lack of substantial, and politically even-handed, reporting by the mainstream media (MSM).

Most of the White House press corps has been reduced, during the Obama years, to a gaggle of superficial chroniclers of whatever spin the White House puts on policy issues and national affairs generally.  Nor is the conduct of the White House press corps the only evidence of the journalistic failings of the mainstream media.

The Jonathan Gruber videos, in which his nibs brags of his cleverness in deceiving the public and Congress about crucial aspects of the Affordable Care Act, provide another example.  Some of the Gruber videos date back to 2010, so why are they only now coming to light?

More importantly by far, why didn’t the press fully examine and expose what we now know to be the many adverse effects of the ACA before its passage?  It isn’t as though no one had seen them coming.  Indeed, many GOP legislators, and conservative think tank experts, warned of precisely such effects.  So why weren’t those warnings fully vetted by the press?  >> Read More