Blessings Amid the Gloom

Just as men don’t live by bread alone, bloggers too are people of many parts.  Which is why I give you the following, all courtesy of YouTube.

Robbie Firmin, age 7, a contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent,” who reveals something about his auntie that she was probably not expecting:    

From an unemployment office in Madrid, a flashmob performs “Here Comes the Sun”:

An orchestra, and chorus of 10,000! Japanese singers, performing (in German) Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (long and grainy, but impressive and touching):

And from a concert in 1980, the peerless Luciano Pavarotti sings “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s “Turandot”:

There are lots of problems in the world, not the least of them things that we rail against in this space, but life is not without its blessings, among which are beauty, talent, and lovely people.