Trump and the Media

Far too many people, GOP presidential candidates included, earnestly describe Donald Trump as vulgar, narcissistic, uninformed, or juvenile.  What they don’t realize is that Trump and the media see attributes like these as his good qualities.

The better characterization of Trump and his run for office is that it’s vaudeville; a kind of political Three Stooges, with Trump playing Larry, Curly, and Moe all by himself.

If only, during the recent debate in Cleveland, Trump had waggled two fingers at Megyn Kelly’s eyeballs, or smacked Rand Paul upside the head (“You’re having a hard time tonight,” thwack!) the picture would have been complete.

Some people are wondering how long it will be before one of the networks gives Trump another reality show.  Are they kidding?  He has the biggest reality show of all time right now.  It’s called “The Donald Runs for President.”

Those people who are genuinely supportive of Trump politically (as distinguished from those who are just enjoying the show) may imagine his (and their own) chagrin if, the morning after next year’s election, the headline in the New York Times reads “Running as Independent, Trump Splits Republican Vote: Hillary Clinton Elected.”  >> Read More