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Dueling Philosophies on Minority Ownership

Posted in Broadcasting, FCC, Localism, Media Consolidation, Media Regulation, Public Interest Standard, Radio
What happens when you invite the FCC’s two veteran commissioners to speak about the media at a Rainbow PUSH Coalition symposium?  When one of the commissioners is Michael Copps, and the other is Robert McDowell, you get two very different views of where things stand and how they could be improved, as we saw on… Continue Reading

Commissioner Michael Copps and Media Ownership

Posted in Broadcasting, FCC, Journalism, Media Consolidation, Media Regulation
Owing to his earnest and mild-mannered (if intellectually scruffy) ways, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps has rarely inspired anger.  No matter how wrong-headed his views – and he’s been wrong about virtually everything for the whole of his time as a Commissioner – he’s been accorded that kind of tolerance that people bestow on those seen… Continue Reading

Cross Ownership: That ’70s Show in the Senate

Posted in Broadcasting, First Amendment, Media competition, Media Consolidation, Media Legislation, Media Regulation, Newspaper-Broadcast Cross Ownership
There they go again. No, not the FCC.  This time it’s the U.S. Senate, still worried after all these years that the same company might own a newspaper and a TV station in the same market.  The Senate recently passed Senate Joint Resolution 28, which cancels a very modest attempt by the FCC to relax… Continue Reading