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Shadow Debate

Posted in Broadcasting, Cable a la carte, Content Controls, Fairness Doctrine, FCC, First Amendment, Localism, Media Regulation, Public Interest Standard
By guest blogger ROBERT CORN-REVERE, partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLC, Washington, D.C. During the presidential campaign, and particularly since the election, conservative talk radio and the blogosphere have been abuzz with rumors that the Democratic agenda would include reviving the Fairness Doctrine.  Prominent media activists have labeled such claims as fantasy and asserted they have… Continue Reading

Call Me Ishmael

Posted in Cable a la carte, FCC
In Herman Melville’s novel, Captain Ahab’s obsession is with Moby Dick.  In the morality play that’s been running for years at the FCC, Chairman Kevin Martin’s obsession is with “a la carte” for cable TV.   Missing from this analogy is a communications lawyer as the novel’s Elijah — "ye shall smell land where there is… Continue Reading